2020 Olympic Medal Count by Weighted Score


Score is weighted using the following formula
score = (gold*4) + (silver*2) + (bronze*1)
This will make two medals at a lower level have the same value as one of the next up.
This gives lower medals a bit more value, while not decreasing the power of a gold.
A few examples, 2xBronze = 1xSilver & 2xSilver = 1xGold & 4xBronze = 1xGold or 1xSilver + 2xBronze = 1xGold
As you can see, a gold is still preferred as it takes multiple medals to acheive the same score as a single gold but now the lower medals hold more value than the offical Olympic method of only using them as a means of a tie breaker.

Data was aquired by scraping the table on the Official Olympics Website.
Data is not guaranteed to be accurate given the official numbers can change at any time.
This project is a proof of concept, rather than any offical scoresheet.

Download the raw JSON File